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Darwin Day 2019 Lecture

Heroes of Evolution: Kettlewell and Majerus: Of Moths and March of Science

This lecture will honor the accomplishments of two scientists who helped demonstrate “Evolution in Action.”

Dr. Henry Bernard Davis Kettlewell spent time in the field counting moths in response to increasing amounts of pollution. This phenomenon of industrial melanism was an excellent demonstration of microevolution showing how a population of organisms change in accordance with environmental changes. Unfortunately, scientific criticism lead to junk science criticisms by anti-evolutionists.

Dr. Mike Majerus followed up on the scientific criticisms with his own updated experiments solidifying this basic concept of modern evolutionary theory. This talk focuses on the basics of the science and also the process of how science works.

It will, as is typical for the speaker, criticize the bad faith arguments of the anti-evolutionists and reflect on the challenges for rational thought in today’s culture.


Dr. Stephen L. Gasior 

Watch the video here

Stephen L Gasior

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