The Science Circle has been active in organizing lectures, debates, excursions and symposia in the 3D world “Second Life” since 2008.

Our teachers create their material in 3D objects in order to experience science with a physical interaction; walking in a human cell with your avatar, experiencing the night sky of 3500 BC in one of the planetariums, riding an antigravity swing, explore The HMS Beagle, watch a gravitational wave upclose and much more.


Their material (PDF/Powerpoint/Film) is opensource, their lectures and excursions are freely accessible.


Our educators work with a monthly calendar of lectures consisting of the various fields of science to increase and encourage open source education in virtual environments and to raise awareness to the global need for education.

In addition, our students will get a more active role; giving presentations and organizing your debates in 2018!


You are most welcome to attend our events live

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