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The Science Circle Foundation, founded July 2017 in the Netherlands, is a global and innovative e-learning platform. We provide a monthly calendar of lectures consisting of the various fields of science to increase and encourage open source education in virtual environments and to raise awareness to the global need for education.

Seniority Level
Non-profit Organization ManagementEmployment Type
Volunteer Treasurer of the Board of Directors


Mission Statement

The mission of The Science Circle is to enhance understanding and learning and to promote dialogue broadly across disciplines with an emphasis on the sciences within the context of a virtual environment that allows for participation on a global scale. Read more…

  • Position functions:
    – Volunteer Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Foundation
    – Accounting/Auditing Finance
  • What’s Involved:
    – For a starting Non-Governmental Organization; we are seeking a volunteer Treasurer for our board of Directors.
    – You will be part of something “out of the box”, pioneering and definitely get the chance to develop a financial plan on our way to an open source-educated planet.
  • Required:
    – We are looking for a Dutch volunteer Board Treasurer with an accountancy(audit) or finance management background
    – Understanding of financial accounting for international non-profit organizations
    – After consultation, occasionally prepared to work outside office hours
  • Level of English required for this function:
    – Fluent English
  • Hours required:
    – Approximately 8 hours a Month
  • Location:
    – Online
    – Download, install, and comfortably make use of a virtual world platform
    – You need experience or interest & confidence in working within the ICT sector
    – Our activities are situated exclusively online with the use of a virtual world platform, and other social media.
  • Experience and Competence:
    – You are organized and able to prioritize work effectively
    – Ideally, you are enthusiastic , solution driven and flexible
    – A world citizen with a positive and friendly approach in dealing with people
  • Main duties include:
    – Serve as the Board’s Treasurer
    – Maintain accurate accounting of finances; Ensure that all financial transactions are properly recorded, filed, and reported
    – Maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives
    – Provide the board with an assessment and action in connection with the financial responsibilities of the board
    – Review all financial plans and budgets regularly to look for cost reduction opportunities
    – Assist in annual audit, and answer board members’ questions
    – Prepare financial forecasts
    – Present the annual budget to the board for approval
    – Create financial reports as required by donors
    – Carry out payroll function for all staff/contractors
    – Work with the chief executive and secretary to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis
    – Attend all monthly board meetings in a virtual environment
  • The Treasurer will enjoy the following perks:
    – Virtual world-use guidance & training
    – Reimbursement of expenses
    – Experience on an international scale
    – Participation in a group pioneering a new form of education


Screening Details For This Role

– Informal Interviews

– References

Certificate of Conduct


Applications, in English, can be addressed to:

The Science Circle Board of Directors



Only applicants meeting the criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the short-listing process.

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