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“Archival & Digital Legacy, Preserving Your Digital Work” by Budd Turner now available on film!


  • When a person dies, their digital footprint persists.
  • Digital providers assume ownership of Intellectual property (IP) created on their servers.
  • Family and workgroup attempts to archive or maintain deceased works are blocked.


  • We worked within system permissions shared by the creator.
  • We tested possible workarounds
  • We contacted providers for account/work access


  • Limited Copy, Move, possible
  • Edit (update), Delete, not possible, without creator account access.
  • Providers reluctant to discuss or allow access to deceased work,(IP).



  • Advance planning needed for adding Trusted Friends and/or family member access to digital accounts in Trusts and/or Wills
  • Everyone needs to learn provider policies and legal requirements for establishing a “Legacy” path of transfer of ownership.
  • Passing your digital footprint when you can no longer login

Budd Turner

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