The Science Circle is a multinational alliance of scientists, educators, students and science enthusiasts collaborating to share knowledge and promote open source education around the world.

We value dialogue within a community that promotes inclusion, diversity, and respect. We support our program in Second Life through generous donations from members and various grants.

It is important to our grantees, participants, and our donors that behaviour and dress that some might find offensive is not permitted on the region.
G rating standards are enforced;  no nudity, offensive language, soliciting of sex, begging, spamming, vampire activity (like biting), and use of weapons.

Continued disruptive comments or actions during a presentation or other group activities on the region is also not tolerated. You will be asked to stop the inappropriate behaviour and if you fail to do so in a timely fashion, you will be removed from the region.

Your cooperation in making the Science Circle region a safe, pleasant place for everyone to learn in and enjoy is greatly appreciated.

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