The audience of The Science Circle uses text chat during lectures.

The SC professor uses an application that streams his or her voice to the Icecast server.

The Icecast server forwards the audio stream to the region in Secondlife.

In this way we avoid Vivox (Voice) so that the audience does not accidentally or intentionally disturb the presentation or recordings.



The application we use to stream a presenter’s voice to the Icecast server is Butt, Broadcast Using This Tool.

Butt is a free, simple and effective tool to stream your voice to the Icecast server.

Install BUTT on Windows / OSX

Download and select the OS needed. (Scroll down to select your OS.)


Open the .EXE and install the application.

Mac OSX:

Open the .DMG file and copy the application to your Application directory.

When done start the application.



The configuration in Windows, Mac and Linux are pretty much the same. These setting are needed to connect to the SCF Icecast server.

Server settings:
The address educators must use to stream to the Icecast server is: Url:
Port: 8000
Mountpoint: /stream
User: source
Password: xxxxxxxxxxxx (this password rotates each presentation)

Open Butt and press “Settings”.










At “server settings” press “add”.
File in the following configuration settings and click “save”.

Use the password given.









Adjust your audio device to the desired microphone.
Other, default settings are ok.
If needed due bandwidth issues you can adjust the bitrate to 128K and mono.

When done with the settings you can “save” and test if the connection to the Science Circle, Icecast server works.

Press “play” and if all is working properly you should get a responding connection.


















Before the presentation you should test and practice.

For support during the test you can contact quaezar agnomen aka Agustin Martin.



If you need support, you are welcome to contact me at:

You can find the full manual for BUTT at:



I C E C A S T manual V.1

A.Martin 30-06-2020


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