7 July 1948 – 18 August 2017

Paul Doherty One of our Founders

A giant among education.
Taken from the world too early, but now you are among the stars.
We will carry your lessons with us as we continue into the future.

Your memory is our fuel.
Your influence is our compass.
Your knowledge is our map.



Url’s to Paul’s material

Lightning by Patio Plasma (.zip with .jpg files)

Patio Plasma The Science of nailpolish (PDF and .jpg files)

Rosetta by Patio Plasma (Powerpoint file)

Pluto on Ice by Patio Plasma (Powerpoint file)

Paul Doherty “And Then You’re Dead”

Paul’s personal page


KT’s Blog Nailpolish


Caring Bridge



Paul’s presentations at The Science Circle



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