Our previous lectures

  1. “The Anthropocene Epoch” by Vic Michalak
  2. “The Chinese Room and Strong AI” by Boythorn Ironclad
  3. “Religions and Rome” by Perfututor Janus
  4. “Technology and Evolution” by Darkeagle Darkstone
  5. “Stem cells” by Alfa Roux
  6. “Perception and limits of reality” by Deepthinker Oh
  7. “Genome Expression and Internet Communications: An Interdisciplinary Comparison” by Vic Michalak
  8. “Critical Thinking” by Mook Maruti
  9. “Knowledge of Knowledge: Widely Interdisciplinary Research” by Pema Pera
  10. “The Integration of Virtual and Real Worlds” by Darkeagle Darkstone
  11. “Search Engines” (about the new Wolfram Alfa conceptual knowledge engine) by Vic Michalak
  12. “Extending the human life span” by Deepthinker Oh
  13. “Particle Physics” by Vic Michalak
  14. “Virtual World using OpenSim” by Darkeagle Darkstone
  15. “Asperger’s, Autism & the Rainman” by Deepthinker Oh and Arisia Vita
  16. “The Monty Hall problem” by Deepthinker Oh
  17. “Interdisciplinary Science in Second Life” by Vic Michalak
  18. “Computer and Network Security” by Darkeagle Darkstone
  19. “Save the World, We Want to Stay On” Discussion led by Deepthinker Oh
  20. “Stonehenge” by Maggie Rae
  21. “The End of Theory” by Dyllan Denimore
  22. “STEM Island” by Vic Michalak
  23. “Politics & Science” (Discussion)
  24. “BP oil spill” Discussion led by Nymf Hathaway
  25. “What have we inherited from the 20th century that 21st century demands and challenges will no longer allow?” by Paolo Rousselot
  26. “Rights & Responsibilities” Discussion led by Melchizedek Blauvelt
  27. “Archaeological, geological, and biological sights of the Western United States” by Vic Michalak
  28. “Archeology of Eritrea & Ethiopia” a field trip by AbaBrukh Aabye
  29. “Isn’t it time for cross-disciplined scientific answers and with which field could yours make such possible?” led by Nymf Hathaway
  30. “SUFI science” by Zaldaan Sirnah
  31. “Quantum Physics” by Kos Hallard
  32. “The Science of Natural Farming” by Deepthinker Oh
  33. “Personal and professional identities in virtual worlds: IS disclosure necessary?” by Devon Alderton
  34. “Calendars” by Vic Michalak
  35. “Failed worlds: The Case of Mars” by a guest speaker
  36. “Serious Games” by Vic Michalak
  37. “Communication?” question by AbaBrukh Aabye
  38. “Time” led by Space Mode
  39. “The Black Swan: Probability and Human Decision Making” by Deepthinker Oh
  40. “Global climate change” by Vic Michalak
  41. “The Struve astronomers” by Astronomer Somerset
  42. “Fake it until you make it” by Vic Michalak
  43. “Why is teaching Mathematics so hard?” by Deepthinker Oh
  44. “Human Factors and Aviation Safety” By Julie Bluebird
  45. “State of Being (in a Virtual World- the psychology and validity of multiple perspective)” By Pamala Clift
  46. “Getting off oil” by Paleo Darwin
  47. “Divide by Zero and Conquer the World” by NumberNullity
  48. “DNA & Telecommunications” by Vic Michalak
  49. “Visualization for collaboration and Discovery” by Yan Lauria
  50. “The Monty Hall problem” by Deepthinker Oh
  51. “Women in Technology” by Darkeagle Darkstone
  52. “Virtually Speaking Science” by Widget Whiteberry
  53. “Moths: Black and White. Black and White Proof of Darwinian Evolution” by Stephen Xootfly
  54. “Bell’s Turtle -How Modern Agriculture Threatens Freshwater Turtles in Australia” by Amara Shan
  55. “Exploring the Surface of Mars: Searching for Clues of Life: Past and Present” by Antonio Urbane
  56. “500 Philosophy Lectures later” by Herman Bergson
  57. “The Christmas Star” by Giuseppe Longo
  58. “After 500 women in SL” museum field trip by Herman Bergson
  59. “Free-Energy Physics and Script-less Animations” by Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes)
  60. “How to create a Museum in VR” by Yan Lauria
  61. “Supernova 1054 and the East West Schism” by Giuseppe Longo
  62. “Stonehenge 2014″ by Maggie Rae
  63. “A research-based holistic approach to brain fitness practices” by Wisdomseeker (Lissena)
  64. “Origins of Modern Science” by Vic Michalak
  65. “Does Quantum Cryptography really give ultimate security?” by Tau Insippo
  66. “Autism Spectrum Disorder: Classification, Assessment and Diagnosis” by Milton Broome
  67. “Closing the Season” Free discussion
  68. “An analysis of nudity in Second Life” by Herman M. Vos, Netherlands
  69. “Advances in TransMathematics” by James Anderson, UK
  70. “Origins of Modern Science, Part II” by Phillip Youngblood, USA
  71. “Graphics Applications of Quaternions and Hamiltonians” by Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes)
  72. “Fieldtrip Open Sim; Genome” by Stephen L. Gasior  & Mary Anne Clark, USA
  73. “Transcending Culture in International Settings” by Steven van Hook, USA
  74. “Caesium: A brief history of timekeeping” by Phil Youngblood, USA
  75. “Educating Using OpenSim as a Platform” by Enrique Cachafeiro, USA
  76. “When a Philosopher looks in his purse” by Herman M. Vos, Netherlands
  77. “The Art of Enhanced Reality” by John Lester, Canada
  78. “Powerful VLEs from the past and the future” by Gord Holden, Canada
  79. “Science in the era of big data” by S.G. Djorgovski, USA
  80. “Whole-Brain Health Discovery tour” (FIELDTRIP) by Lynne Berrett, USA
  81. “30 Thousand Year Time Travel of Arts” (FIELDTRIP) by Hajime Nishimura, Japan
  82. “The Star Trek Museum” (FIELDTRIP) by Steve Van Hook, USA
  83. “The Science of *Interstellar*” by Rob Knop, Associated Professor of Physics, Westminster College, USA
  84. “The Philosophy Class” by Herman M. Vos, Netherlands
  85. “Transmathematics – a survey of recent results on division by zero” by James Anderson, UK
  86. “How We Got to What We Are: Growth of Human Biological Being Thought” by Stephen L. Gasior, USA
  87. “3D Virtual Field Trips in Science: Opportunities and Challenges” by Shailey Minocha (Open University) & David Burden (Daden Limited), UK
  88. “An Hour of Code – Intro to Programming” Part 1 & 2 by Phil Youngblood, USA
  89. “Natural Math Citizen Science” by Dr. Maria Droujkova, USA
  90. “The Magic in the Drums: Using Imagination and Think Aloud Processes to Develop Humanitarian Identities” by Dr. Leticia De León & Dr. Kara Bennett, USA
  91. “Contributions to Cryobiology: Stanley Leibo Memorium Lecture” by Stephen L. Gasior, USA
  92. “What money cannot buy…” by Herman M. Vos, Netherlands
  93. “BioTown an OS Instructional space” by Enrique Cachafeiro, USA
  94. “The Neighbourhood of the Milky Way” by Rob Knop, Associated Professor of Physics, Westminster College, USA
  95. “Natmoud Island”(FIELDTRIP) by Benny Rigaux-Bricmont, Canada
  1. “Using interactive activities to help students learn biology: the approach of the Northern Virginia Community College.”(FIELDTRIP) by Gregory Perrier, USA


Most of the lectures can be downloaded here.

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