In memory of his Enthusiasm and the Philosophy of Paul Doherty

We reward Educators for Their Continuous Efforts to Create Immersive VR Experiences,
in the Service of Education and Science Outreach, with the Paul Doherty Award.

The Paul Doherty-Award is not awarded annually
but when a teacher clearly distinguishes him or herself from others
in activity, inspiration, creations and efforts,
the award is valid for life.





Hajime Nishimura, Japan – Yan Lauria SL
December 26, 2015

To this day, only Hajime Nishimura from Japan received our award.                                        
His work clearly distinguishes itself from others
through the use of colourful and user-friendly structures;
his expertise in marine biology and its applications in a 3D environment.

In addition, Hajime has been working on free international education for almost 10 years and he continuous to create educational materials, like the Teacher Training Tower. 


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