Science Circle Files  
Science Circle 2019 Download
Dr. Alex Hastings  
Modern Extinction panel
Benny Rigaux-Bricmont  
Therapeutic Walks in Virtual Nature Download
Deepthinker Oh  
The Black Swan Download
Why Is Teaching Mathematics So Hard Download
The Science of Natural Farming Download
Monty Hall 2013 Download
Fumon Crystal  
The Future of Fukushima Download
SC Field Trip Fukushima Download
Greg Perrier  
Cameroon Activities Download
Hajime Nishimura  
Climate Change Portal SC field trip Download
Motoko Museum of Art History Download
SC trip DrillShip Download
SC trip: International Spaceflight Museum Download
Multi user Online 3D Environment Download
Big Data and Supercomputing Download
John Lester  
Augmented mind Download
Keith Eric Grant  
This isn’t Your Grandparents’ Climate  Download
Linda Morris Kelley  
Trust transparency and technology – Excerpt from The Sustainable Enterprise Field book Download
Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises and Us Download
Lynne Berrett  
The Whole Brain Health Fairgrounds
A research-based holistic approach to brain fitness practices
Maria Droujkova  
Citizen Science at Natural Math Download
Mary Anne Clark  
The Rest is Silence Download
Facial Genetics Download
The Dragon’s Smile
GeneEditing Panel Download
Mitochondrial-Eve Download
Michael J. Shaw  
Recent Developments at Chemistry World
Data into insight – Teasing out how molecules behave Download
Pigments and Colors and Dyes, Oh My! Download
Recent developments in solar cells- perovskites Download
Nitric oxide Download
Silicon chemistry and its consequences for silicon based life Download
Ways of Knowing in Chemistry Download
Nuclear Medicine Download
Myron Curtis  
STEAM-career awareness among women Download
Women in technology Download
Nikolai Mnev  
Mathematics Download
Paul Doherty  
Pluto on Ice Download
The Science of Nail polish Download
And Then You’re Dead Download
Phil Youngblood  
Fake It Until You Make It Download
Global Climate Change Download
Serious Games Download
Calendars Download
DNA Gene Expression and Telecommunications Download
Origins of Modern Science Download
An Hour of Code – Intro to Programming Download
Total Eclipse of 2017 – Whys and Hows Download
Rob Knop  
Tension in the Hubble Constant Download
Neutrino oscillations Download
Robert A. Hendrix  
COVID-19 Pandemic Science and Society
2019-nCoV Wuhan Coronavirus Download
Faces of Dementia Download
Shailey Minocha  
3D Virtual Field Trips in Science: Opportunities and Challenges Download
Virtual Reality-based virtual field trips. With Ana Despina Tudor Download
Science Opportunities and Challenges Download
Stephen L. Gasior  
GenderImbalances2022-PDF Download
Gender-Imbalances-Citations.txt Download
Choking on Red Pills Citations – PDF Download
Choking on Red Pills Citations – txt Download
CRISP 2020
Structure of Scientific Revolutions: Are we past that? Download
Ethics and genome editing
Genomic Parasites Nibbling Away at Us: Why I should win the Nobel Prize Download
Disease Panel 2020 Download
Darwin Day 2020 Download
CRISPR 2019 Download
Citations CRISPR 2019 Download
Book Panel October 2019 Download
Evolutionary Theory Before Darwin Download
Slides Gene Editing Panel Download
Science versus Racism Download
Contributions to Cryobiology – Stanley Leibo Memorium Lecture Download
CRISPR Download
Citations Crispr Download
Citations Download
CRISPR 2018 Download
Population Genetics (instruction worksheet) Download
Steven Van Hook  
Top-Ten Science Circle Podcast Takeaways Download
Transcending Culture in International Settings Download
Global Learning Download
William Wall  
Celestial Orbits, Part 1 Download
Quick informal astronomical survey Download
Luna, the Earth’s moon Download
Are we able to return to a full green way of living Download
Stonehenge 2014 Download
March for Science, the aftermath




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