Dr. William F. Schmachtenberg, Palaeontology and Geology


Educator at Franklin County High School in Virginia, USA, Scientist, Research Associate, Virginia Museum of Natural History, Entrepeneur, CEO of Educational Virtual Worlds

Fields of Expertise: Palaeontology and Geology.

Dr. Schmachtenberg teaches Earth Science at Franklin County High School in Southwest Virginia.
He is a research associate for the Virginia Museum of Natural History (VMNH). He has researched and published work on how fossils can be used to reconstruct the paleolongitudes of plates in the past.
He is a licensed app developer and has created seven apps on the Apple App Store.
His first app, Science Island has been downloaded almost 25,000 times in over 40 countries. He was a project manager for Mars Colony Online in 2010 and 2011, and worked with Cyan World, Inc. to develop a simulation for NASA Langley.

He is the faculty sponsor for the Unity 3D club at the high school, and his students have won awards at the state level for best new software at the high school level.
In 2014, his students collaborated with Kevin Tweedy, CEO of Extremality to produce a multiplayer simulation called Geology Valley.
His students have also won two congressional App STEM competitions.

Currently, he is working with the VMNH, the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy, and Virginia Tech to develop an app that identifies fossils based on a pictures and some simple measurements.

He has been a lecturer at real life ISTE and VSTE conferences and online The Science Circle, ISTE, and VSTE events in second life as Dae Miami.
He is currently the vice chairman of VSTE in Second Life.


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