A village of video, audio and learning tools ranging from science, English language, cross-cultural relations, to communication skills for your career growth. Watch videos of the best talks by Science Circle presenters. Practice your read-along English in a multimedia lab. Learn how to better connect with a multicultural audience.

Visit a starry media room to study your own favorite SC scientists and researchers. Pick a comfortable spot to hear Science Circle podcasts.

Hang by the beach for a ‘healing hypnosis’ exercise. Play a game of chess, checkers, or cribbage while learning more about science. Or simply sit on a bench and listen to a well-told story.

Free Resources for International Educators & Students
Steven R. Van Hook, PhD / Kip Roffo in SL


Supporting Free Education Worldwide:

* Educational Videos
* Transcultural Teaching Methods
* Career Development Readings & Links
* Read-Along English Texts
* Streaming Educational Podcasts

Educare Landing
Multimedia resources for international educators & students

Science Circle Hall of Fame
Presenters Hall-of-Fame: Select video & audio

Educare Learning Lab
Learning tools and read-along-books for English students

MediaRoom 1
Audio and video clips from Science Circle Presenters:
Phil Youngblood / Stephen Gasior / Rob Knop / Greg Perrier

MediaRoom 2
Audio and video clips from Science Circle Presenters:
Michael Shaw / Matthew Burr / Steven Van Hook

Educare Beach
A relaxing spot for listening to Science Circle Podcasts, enjoying a ‘healing hypnosis’ video, or playing a quick game of cribbage.


Steven R. Van Hook, Educator at UCLA


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