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Amiais Village

28/12/2023 @ 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM PST


Like every year, we visit a number of beautiful locations during Christmas week for 5 days, ending with a joint game of Madpea.
Today we visit a Portuguese village, developed for a Geocaching Game.



This estate is owned by the University of Aveiro (Portugal) for the purpose of developing the LOCUS Amiais project in Second Life.

You can read more about the overall project here: https://locusproject.pt/

This estate depicts the village of Amiais (based on pictures and videos) and is meant to be explored by the public, via a geocaching game with its own narrative (based on fictitious characters very loosely based on typical inhabitants of the region), which is currently under active development.

This project is sponsored by European research funds (granted via the FCT — the National Foundation for Science and Technology — to the DigiMedia research lab of the University of Aveiro) and implemented by Beta Technologies (https://betatechnologies.info). It will exist in Second Life only for a limited time, after which, unfortunately, the estate will need to be permanently disconnected.

Some rules apply to all visitors of this estate:

– The main communication language will be Portuguese (as well as the geocaching game). A bilingual version would be possible, but time and budget restrictions will not allow its development. Sorry!
– Visitors are encouraged to explore all areas of the estate traveling by foot. Flying is disallowed (except for state managers) and teleporting around will just send you back to the starting point.
– Currently, the geocaching game is not functional and only available to estate managers, who, from time to time, will be seen in-world tweaking with the interactive objects.
– Objects (scripted or otherwise) are not allowed to be rezzed (and any that manage to override the SL permissions system will be promptly returned and/or deleted). There might be a few exceptions allowed for items related to the game.
– In general, this is a no-combat zone; however, there *are* a few places where avatars *can* be ‘harmed’ (do not worry, if you ‘die’, you will just be teleported back home!), as required by the geocaching game. So beware! 🙂
– Since all regions and parcels are set to ‘General’ and we encourage younger visitors, please faithfully respect the usual guidelines for such regions — e.g. no full nudity, no profanity, no aggressive behaviour, and so forth.
– This is *not* a role-playing region, so you’re fine to use any avatar with whatever clothing/attachments you prefer (so long as they conform to ‘General’ areas).
– Any abuses can, and should, be reported to a LOCUS Estate Manager (look them up from the LOCUS Project group). Note that the ‘estate owner’ is a special avatar reserved for administrative purposes only (e.g. paying for the estate fees!) and will very likely *not* login, much less read any messages, IMs, notecards, etc. You’re welcome to message us either in Portuguese or English. You naturally are allowed to report abuses directly to Linden Lab, of course, who may, at their discretion, pass the report to the LOCUS Estate Managers — or not.
– For any further questions related to the project in general, feel free to get in touch with us via info@betatechnologies.info


7:00 AM - 8:00 AM PST




Jes & Chantal

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