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Caledon Oxbridge University (COU)

17/12/2022 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST


Caledon Oxbridge University (COU), established in January 2009, is an inworld teaching center focused on Second Life™ Skills COU is located in the Steampunk-Victorian estate of Caledon but is operated independently (i.e. COU is a tenant organization). COU is kept above the waves entirely by community support. COU is a general-rated, homestead. Apart from the general-rating, no particular dress-code is enforced. Rules are enforced to maintain a safe space with priority given to teaching and learning. COU has seasonal decorations, currently including an ice-rink and free skates.

The self-paced tutorial at Caledon Oxbridge starts in the introduction building with a circle of kiosks explaining the basics of Second Life and setting forth COU’s rules. On exiting this building, one is in the central plaza, where there often are live “tutors” to answer questions and provide help. The COU lecture hall, where walk-in classes are held, is also in this area. On the far side of the plaza, the tutorial continues through six “Colleges”: Avatar Motion, Camera Control, Communication, Finding, Avatar Customization, and Money & Commerce.

Other buildings on the Caledon Oxbridge region include: Hall of Caledon (where the Caledon Quest beings), Café Vox and the Oxbridge shop, the Oxbridge Train Station (and freebie center), the Caledon Air Transport Station (CATS), and the Oxbridge branch of the Caledon Library System.

Just over the border in the Caledon Oxbridge Village region, are the overflow Chat Circle, a seasonal ice rink, and the pub.

A field trip with Keith Grant, Ph.D









Note: This region has limited access (20), be on time.


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST


Caledon Oxbridge


Keith Grant

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