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How can we best support highly intelligent children/students in our education system?

April 27 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT


Gifted children and their school careers… often paved with obstacles by our rigid education system.

As a parent, being invited to school for the umpteenth time because… Your child finishes faster than the rest of the class.
Because… he/she is obsessed with scientific and philosophical issues and cannot concentrate much on doing the same set of sums repeatedly.
Because… he/she answers all the mathematical questions correctly, without writing down the entire sum.
Because… he/she is impatient when language, mathematics, etc. keeps coming back.
Because… he/she always knows the answer fastest and that makes other children in the class ‘lazy’.
Because… he/she always stays longer at school to consult with teachers and ask questions.
Because… he/she cannot tolerate injustice and can clearly justify his/her position… with the result that the entire class ends up in chaos.

In the Netherlands, the Ministry of Education claims on its website that educational institutions receive extra funds to better guide these children. As a parent, I have not noticed any of this over the past 18 years. The schools our son could attend tried to get out of it and pass it on to the next educational institution. A toddler who knows more about Saturn than his kindergarten teacher is not a well-liked child.

Schools seem more interested in guiding all students through their 14-year school career at the same level. Not too much effort, no exceptions, all the same standard education. But as a result, society misses out on a lot of talent. Young people who hardly get through high-school because they have been dulled by previous teachers in a rigid education system.

What can we do to provide this group, 2,5% of society, with what they need? In the Netherlands that is 430,000 people, worldwide 14,500,000 (14,5 million).


April 27
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT


The Lighthouse Café


Chantal Jager

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