A tour of Chemistry World

Chemistry World

A tour of Chemistry World           Chemistry World was established as a joint venture between Texas A&M University and the Florida Institute of Technology by Dr. K (Dr. Wendy Keeney-Kennicutt) and Winkelmann Teichmann (Dr. Kurt Winkelman) as part of NSF-funded research to examine the effectiveness of virtual worlds in the teaching of chemistry content. They […]


Science Circle in Open Sim

Science Circle region

Science Circle in Open Sim You have probabaly heard of the virtual world platform of Opensimulator or one of its grids like Kitely, OSGrid, Craft World, etc. But, unless you've been prompted to try it out, it has remained a backdrop to your virtual digital life. However, many users and schools and companies have found […]


Time Travel

In an annual tradition, we visit the most eye-catching regions in Second Life for 5 days in a row at 7 AM PST between Christmas and New Year's. Join us and discover unprecedented worlds and the diverse communities of Second Life. We start this series with a visit to the Time Portal...


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