Flight Welcome aboard Science Circle flight 409, covering the scientific principles and technologies that enable and enhance air transport. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts before we discuss the fundamentals, from aerodynamics to aircraft stability. Take a few minutes to locate and understand the mechanisms of aircraft engines, whose designs have evolved for […]


Discussion: ‘Oumuamua & UFO’S


To give you some background on the subject, Matt has selected some interesting URLs and Youtubes. Navy UFO Preliminary Report The videos that prompted the Navy investigation 60 Minutes story about it Here's a pretty good explanation debunking the Navy videos by parallax and other visual illusions How to fake a UFO video   In […]


Titanoboa & Fireside Chat

Titanoboa exhibition

This is an abbreviated replay of June 5 presentation with a Fireside Chat attached.   The Science Behind Titanoboa Dr. Alex Hastings will lead part of the tour discussing the world of Titanoboa, 60 million years ago. How and why was the snake so big? What else lived in those murky waters?  Plus he’ll share […]


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