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NGTS-10 is a K5-type main-sequence star located approximately 1,060 light-years from Earth.

The star is about 10 billion years old, moderately active, and has an effective temperature of 7,461 degrees Fahrenheit (4,127 degrees Celsius).

The newly-discovered planet is a so-called ‘hot Jupiter,’ a Jupiter-like exoplanet orbiting very close to its star.

Named NGTS-10b, the alien world is 1.2 times larger than Jupiter and 2.2 times more massive.

It orbits NGTS-10 with a period of only 18.4 hours (0.767 days), making it the shortest period hot Jupiter yet discovered.

“NGTS-10b orbits its host star at only 4.4 stellar radii,” said University of Warwick astronomer James McCormac and his colleagues from the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Chile, and the United States.

“However, as the stellar effective temperature is lower than other ultra-short period hot Jupiter host stars, the level of insolation is also reduced.”


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