A magnitude 9.0 earthquake on 11th March 2011 resulted in a tsunami and nuclear accident.


There are ***still*** over 80 thousand evacuees in 2017.

They come to grips with the reconstruction and decontamination after the disaster and enjoy their everyday life. There are the dignified smiling people and the diverse cultures in Fukushima. For the renewal of the agriculture and the fishery, scientists, engineers, and local media’s are collaborated in the science communication and the public understanding of science on the radiation and the health care from the external and internal exposure based on the evidence.

Fumon Crystal’s exhibit provides the actual cases how to live in the low dose waiting zones according to the major concepts by ICRP publications and the reconstruction of the social infrastructures.


Fumon visualized such efforts as evidences of history at “la Médiathèque de la Radioactivité” under consultation of Hajime Nishimura.

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