The Science Circle makes use of Virtual World “Second Life” to visualize Science.
In this environment we educate, have field trips and lead discussions.


1.            How to join?

– Visit Secondlife  > Button “Play for Free”

– At the end of creating your personal avatar, SL will offer you the download of the viewer with which you will be able to enter this Virtual Reality.

 – After installation of the viewer you are ready to go.

 – Enter your Avatar name & password and press the button “Log in”.

 – You will arrive at the Tutorial Island of Second Life, follow the path and walk through the arch to enter the real Second Life grid.



2.            How to find us?

On the left side of your SL viewer you find a magnifying glass, left click on it.

– Type in the search bar either : Nymf Hathaway (Chantal) or Jes Cobalt (Tulpa)

 Click on the name that shows up and choose the button: IM

 This is a direct message to either one of us… we will help you further from there.



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