Hajime Nishimura, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology



Yan Lauria in SL and OpenSim Grids

Senior staff of JAMSTEC, Board member of (NPO) Japan Underwater Robonet, Curator of Abyss Observatory, Education Portal and the Modern Museum in SL/JOGrid.

Abyss Observatory” is a virtual ocean science museum in SL/JOGrid, an achievement of collaboration project between Tokyo University of Information Science (TUIS), JAMSTEC, National Institute of Education, Singapore, The Science Circle, Jabara Estate Group and many collaborators.

Deep submersible development project (1984-1986)
Global climate change research project (1986- )
International Space Station project (1988-1990)
Research ship “Mirai” reconstruction project from nuclear merchant ship (1995-1997)
Ultra-deep science drill ship “Chiku” development project (1997-1999, 2003-2005)
Environment data utilization project for social problems (2010-)
Virtual ocean science museum project (2009-)


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Climate Change Portal SC field trip Download
Motoko Museum of Art History Download
SC trip DrillShip Download
SC trip: International Spaceflight Museum Download
Multi user Online 3D Environment Download
Big Data and Supercomputing Download



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