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Stepping Stones of Maritime History

The website MaSS shows that maritime heritage can be found all over the world and plays an important role in Dutch history.

More than sixteen hundred Dutch shipwrecks are found in waters all over the world, according to a new inventory. It concerns sunken, found and sometimes still missing ships of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the West India Company (WIC), the admiralties, the Royal Netherlands Navy and ships from the First and Second World War.
After research led by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, for the first time a clear picture has emerged of the size of the number of Dutch shipwrecks. This concerns an initial inventory based on various archive lists and inventories. Discover them here…

Maritime heritage also plays a role in our personal history, because water has a different meaning for everyone. Since 2018, the “We and Water” project has focused on people’s personal relationship with water.

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