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  • Melting glaciers reveal 1,700-year-old weapons used by reindeer hunters

Glacial archaeologists in Norway have discovered weapons and secret hideaways on a remote mountain where stealthy hunters waited for reindeer more than a millennium ago.

While surveying part of the inland mountain peak Sandgrovskaret, the archaeological team recovered five arrows, three of which are up to 1,700 years old. The researchers also discovered 40 stone-built hunting blinds, which made the hunters “invisible” to nearby reindeer. 

“When the reindeer had approached to within 10-20 meters [33 to 66 feet], the hunter would get up and start shooting arrows,” said Lars Pilø, an archaeologist at the Department of Cultural Heritage, Innlandet County Council, Norway, co-director of the Glacier Archaeology Program and the editor of the Secrets of the Ice website. Continue reading…

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