You received access to this document because you have joined the Science Circle. This document will explain the organization, philosophy, programs, and financing of the Science Circle. Please take the time to read this carefully and feel free ask about anything you do not understand.



The Science Circle (SC) is a group that has been active in the virtual world Second Life since February 2008.
In July 2017 the SC became a formal organization by forming an NGO based in the Netherlands.

Members of the SC are an international alliance of scientists, educators, students and science enthusiasts dedicated to sharing knowledge and encouraging free education worldwide in all fields. We meet regularly for weekly presentations, informal chats and lively discussions over the Internet in a pleasant setting on the group’s region in Second Life. It is our aim to connect different disciplines, inspire innovation and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.

The mission statement of the SC is available here



The SC has a Board of Directors that meets every Monday at 7 AM SLT. The board guides the organization: monitoring existing programs, approving new programs, monitoring finances, identifying new funding sources, and ensuring the mission of the SC is realized. The board members are listed below.


Chantal Jager, Netherlands
Jes Stannard, Australia
Joost Schutte, Netherlands
Phil Youngblood, USA
Gregory Perrier, USA
Mike Shaw, USA



Multiple staff members are in the SC region on a daily basis and are ready to assist you. Their contact information is provided in the SL Information notecard.

The three main employees in the region are
– Chantal Jager, SC Founding Director and Chair, Netherlands
– Jawesome / Jes Stannard, SC Secretary and Vice-Chair, Australia
– Nicky / Edith Stanesti, Head of Public Affairs, USA

Technical support for the program is provided by
– quaezar Agnomen / Agustin Martin, Netherlands

Public Relations are developed and maintained by
– Nicky (nickyparis.bellecoeur) / Edith Stanesti, USA

Various other employees have responsibilities in the region.
The programs or activities they conduct are discussed later in this handout.

– Beragon Betts / Matthew Burr, USA – Host scientific debates
– Kip Roffo / Steven Van Hook, USA – Podcast producer
– Deepthinker Oh, USA – Author Hypothesis
– Arisia Vita / Earl Kiech, USA – Student Representative in the Board of Directors, Pianist & Event host



After considerable deliberations and discussions, the board and other members of the SC came up with the following statements about our philosophy and ethics;

– We believe in a well-educated world with equal chances for all.
– We share knowledge freely around the globe, as well as encourage and inspire one another.
– We invest, to improve VW Educational tools and a worldwide access to our material.
– Our gatherings are lively and informative, as our different perspectives inform the discussion.
– They are, however, also conducted with mutual RESPECT and COURTESY.

We keep an open mind!

– A code of conduct applies in our region and it can be found here



The SC occupies a region in a virtual world called Second Life. Most of the activities and program of the SC take place here. Feel free to explore the region and examine the different items located there. Visitors to the region land in a greeting center to the back of the auditorium. The auditorium is where presentations and discussion sessions are held.

The exhibits on the region are listed below, more information about the interactive exhibits and instant map locations can be found here.

– Auditorium
– Educare Learning Center
– Prospero’s Planetarium
– Mike’s Chemistry Lab
– HMS The Beagle in Mauritius
– Population Genetics and Selection
– Let’s Make a Deal
– Fukushima
– Real time planetarium & Wildfire Exhibit
– Brodmann’s Brain
– Lighthouse Cafe
– In Memoriam



There are a variety of activities taking place at the SC region such as scientific presentations and discussions.

A list of activities and other events scheduled for the SC region.



Saturdays at 10 am SLT there are freely accessible presentations by scientists and professors in a wide range of different disciplines. The presentations are in voice and are recorded. These videos are available on the SC website and our Youtube channel.

Therefore, please refrain from using or enabling your microphone as that reduces the video quality.
Please use Text Chat to ask questions or make comments. 

If you unexpectedly have your microphone open and cause a nuisance then we will first of all try to reach you via IM. However, if you have left your keyboard and do not respond, we will remove you from the region. You are welcome back again with a switched off microphone.

People who enter after the lecture has started will receive a welcome & guidance via IM from one of our hosts. The current hosts are Arisia Vita and Mike Shaw.



Sundays at 7 AM SLT
Weekly piano concerts by Earl Kiech at the lighthouse cafe.
Wake up quietly, start your afternoon relaxed or take a seat in a comfortable armchair to end your day with us.
No matter what time zone you are in, Earl’s music balances a stressful week at any time of the day.

This is the perfect time to catch up with colleagues and like-minded people.



The last weekend of every month, Beragon Betts organizes a scientific debate with an average of three experts in the subject under discussion. An overview of the discussions so far can be found here.

If you want to participate in the panels, please contact Beragon Betts



Would you like to give a presentation/discussion/workshop or class in the future? Please, contact Jes or Chantal.
Presenters (Educators & Scientists) receive web-pages for their Profile + Media files + YouTube’s + Podcasts

If you already present to us but don’t have a profile page yet, please contact Jes or Chantal.




We maintain a website with
– Abstracts for current and future lectures in the calendar,
– Past presentations as media files in the library,
Panel discussions led by Matthew Burr,
Podcast interviews with our scientists by Steven Van Hook
Hypothesis, a Blog by Deepthinker Oh
– Recordings of previous lectures in the film collection,
– Profile pages of our educators,
Star gazing with Kass,
– Latest Science news,
– and much more!




Facebook English & Group page
Facebook Spanish
Facebook Japanese



– The Science Circle Podcasts are now available on:
• iTunes / Apple
• Google Play
• Spotify
• ShoutCast
• TuneIn

Simply search in your favourite platform for ‘The Science Circle Podcast’ or #sciencecirclepodcast and subscribe.

Our podcasts are free for educational use. Prior podcast topics include:

• Doctor’s Tips for Healthier Body & Mind
• Global Outbreak of Fatty Liver Disease
• Transgalactic Exosociology
• Biology, Science, and Patent Law
• New Tactics in Chemistry Education
• Education Tech Innovations
• Astrophysics & Entropy
• Molecular Genetics
• 10-Years-Old: The Past, Present & Future of Science Circle

Podcast Host/Producer: Steven R. Van Hook, PhD



Hypothesis! is a series of articles dealing with science in Second Life. They are written by Deepthinker Oh (call me Deepy), who is just off a nearly decade long stint at Maniera SL magazine where she was the managing editor. She has presented at the Science Circle and some of her favorite discussions were: The Monty Hall Problem, Neutrinos and Why the Earth Was Flat, Why is Learning Math So Hard?, The Black Swan: Probability and Human Decision Making, and Perception and the Limits of Reality.

The name – Hypothesis! – was chosen because hypotheses are integral to every field of science. As scientists, we discover new truths by testing our assumptions until we find the assumption that seems most probable. As Sherlock Holmes said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Hypotheses serve as way-finders on the path. The notion of the hypothesis is used to inform our explorations of science activities and scientists here in Second Life.

Articles are published on the 1st and 15th of each month.

These articles can be found here.



There are several items available at the SC region to help people use virtual worlds to enhance their classes. Several members of the SC have experience with bring students into virtual worlds as part of for-credit college classes. There is much to learn from their experience.

A “Virtual Worlds Teaching Manual” in PDF by Gregory Perrier (Dodge Threebeards in SL) is available on the SC website. This 38-page manual provides educators with guidance on teaching in virtual worlds, from getting started, to creating educational activities, to bringing in students to complete graded assignments.

This area on the SC region offers free resources for educators & students. It was developed by Steven R. Van Hook, PhD (Kip Roffo in SL).



– SC members have all rights and possibilities in the SC Region.
You can mark your home here, create objects and deliver them.

– If you need the region to teach your RL students, please contact Jes or Chantal.
As long as this does not conflict with SC activities, we recommend that you use the region.



The SC region will be partially funded over the next three years by an NSF grant awarded to Dr. Mike J. Shaw

This does not fully cover our expenses. Our region, website, server and Microsoft license are funded through donations from various members. Your contribution is therefore highly appreciated! Look here for the possibilities of donations.

Every three months, Earl Kiech gives a classical benefit concert for The Science Circle, keep an eye on the calendar.



Use the Region, Group-Chat’s and Social media-pages for discussions, news or notifications on additional activities we are all interested in. It is very important for all of us to learn to know one another! Connecting with each other by Social media is easy… just follow the timeline’s of the group’s pages.



In order to have an accurate active member count, it is very useful to know when a member becomes inactive.
Please let us know if you are no longer able to or interested in participating in our activities. You will be welcome to rejoin the group once you are able to participate again.



They are welcome via Email, Website, Social media, IM or notecard and will be taken in serious consideration!

Thank you for participating!

On behalf of The Science Circle Board of Directors,
Jes & Chantal

Last edit: September, 2020

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