“Prospero’s Planetarium

by Rob Knop

Saturday, December 23th at 10 AM PST






A functional planetarium is something I wanted to create when I first started with Second Life and saw its building and scripting capabilities.
I quickly saw the limits, however. At the time, prims couldn’t be any bigger than 10m, and texture mapping on a sphere broke down at the poles.
After a couple of years, I built the 80-prim monstrosity that I have today — and I still think it probably ought to be bigger.
The planetarium shows the bright stars in the sky and all eight planets (with Earth not actually being in the sky).
I will be showing the sorts of things you can do with it, as well as how to use the control panels to set various things about the planetarium.
I will also discuss its limits– one of which may be the textures don’t all rez, and lag kills us, with a bunch of avatars in there at once!– and experiments I hope to do in improving it.



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