Professor Phil Youngblood


PhD (ABD) Organizational Leadership (anticipated graduation: Fall 2018)
PhD (ABD) Information Systems
MS Information Systems, BS Chemistry

Educator (computer information systems + multiple science fields), educationalist (first concentration of current PhD quest was Higher Education, plus experience in education in virtual environments)
Current employer: University of the Incarnate Word; Founded Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security degree programs in 2003.

Curious about the world around me, and far beyond.
Puzzled about some human behaviour. Intrinsic academic from earliest age, relishing learning to understand, and later to share my understanding with others, while continuing to learn from them.

Attended a dozen schools in a dozen years before college, visited 40 countries, lived in 30 cities in 10 states.

Research biochemist (70’s).
Military officer (80’s-90’s).
University educator (00’s-10’s).
Married 25 years, no children but have adopted family, plus dog kids.
Science Circle contributor since 2008.


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Film Collection

Podcast Episode 001 – Host/Producer: Steven R. Van Hook Guest: Phil Youngblood SC Board Member / Inaugural Episode: The Past, Present & Future of Science Circle

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