“The best learned, most enduring knowledge comes from one’s own experience,
including paths followed in journeys of the mind.
The most deeply understood concepts come from what one figures out for oneself.”
Vox Kojote


Essentials about Robert A. Hendrix, MD

Much of my life I have felt more in sympathy               
with a conspiracy of ravens than with a crowd of people;
more at ease alone on a cold, Rocky Mountainside               
with wandering mountain lions               
and baritone grumblings of a bear out in the night               
than in a city of ‘wise’ and potentially dangerous bipeds.
I’ve heard the sound of a bullet sizzle by my ear cutting through the bush.
I’ve known what it is to live on a primitive farm without running water,
to work in the fields, drive cattle and cultivate Burley tobacco from seed to harvest.
I know what it is to be knocked about by people larger and stronger than I.
I’ve also known elation in solving arcane mathematical conundrums,
or when possible, to guide the ill or injured back to life or health               
– doing my job.
The first time I slept in a heated room was when I went to college.
That was at Purdue in red patch, America and in Germany as well.
I have known what it is to have just two or three coins in your pocket,
to go for days without food,
to sleep like a coyote in a woods off the side of a dark road
when that is the place where you find yourself as night falls.
Much of my life I have felt better at ease in the company of a murder of crows
than wading through a flowing river of people.
I am mathematical, medical, musical, mystical, magical,               
– and sometimes, melancholic in the centre of me.
Believing in and drawing on all I can reach that has been given me from ancient generations,
I am a Mensch who means well.
I haven’t the heart to destroy intricate things of beauty,               
– nor anything striving to survive,
but I have the hubris to execrate those who do.
I have lived as a seeker and an observer               
and I stand from time to time as a messenger.
I am a migrant on this planet and in time I will go.



Robert A. Hendrix, MD
retired surgeon of the Ears, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck
Fellow of the Triological Society
former Associate Professor & Acting Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania
Hardcore advocate of
Human Rights and Democracy,
Animal Rights and the Environment
der Vox Kojote,
a.k.a., Tagline


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