The Science Circle maintains an OpenSim based grid for more then 6 years now.


The grid runs on OpenSim Release (SIMULATION/0.3 – SIMULATION/0.6).

OpenSim seems to be stable. The grid is running for months without any problems. Voice, Groups, Profiles, Hypergrid are working and all seem stable. At our grid we have 2 regions, the WelcomeZone, Gaia. It is possible to connect you own region to the Science Circle grid. Please contact me for the needed details!


If you like to visit the grid follow the instructions below.

To access the Science Circle grid you need to download a viewer like Singularity.

  • You can get a free copy here.
  • When you have installed the viewer it is time to make an account that gives you access to the grid.
  • Use the Wifi interface to make an account, go to 
  • After you created your account start-up Singularity, open the grid manager and create a new profile.
  • Paste this address into the “Login URI” textbox: URI:  
  • Then click “Refresh Grid URLS”, then “apply” and press “OK” to close the dialog box.
  • Enter your username, password and select the Science Circle grid and login. Send me an email to activate your account at


You can also connect your own region to the grid for more information contact


If you want to access the grid from other grids/regions use these value’s;

  • Hypergrid Address:
  • Landing Region: WelcomeZone
  • Hypergrid Coordinates: (9000,9000)Snapshot_005









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