The DJs of the Glass House in the Netherlands committed in

December 2015

To the future of children and youth in war zones.

 SR 2015 kids

The next generation

In the week before Christmas 3FM and the Red Cross ask your attention for the young people who have to survive under the most extreme conditions in Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, the Central African Republic and Gaza / West Bank. The next generation deserves a future, but we need education and personal development to ensure this. For this silent disaster; these millions of children and young people, 3FM DJ’s raise in cash along with the rest of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Kenya, Sweden, South Korea, Portugal, Latvia and Austria.


Millions of children and adolescents

In areas ravaged by conflicts nearly 50 million children and young people do not or do not regularly attend school or vocational training. In Syria and South Sudan 6.2 million children and young people do not receive an education. Teaching materials are not available, there is no money for education and schools have been destroyed. Children must survive primary or help provide their family with food.

Large, often long conflicts make people extremely vulnerable in the short and long term. Safety, health and welfare are uncertain during war. Young people and children are injured, disabled, they die, must flee or become separated from family. Daily life is completely disrupted. Income and basic services are not available. Also often lack infrastructure; schools and hospitals have been destroyed and closed.


“Young people are the silent victims of the war. A major conflict deprives youth of education and future prospects. They should have the opportunity to develop into problem solvers, builders, promoters, innovators and thinkers. So they can later contribute to a better future for the country, but also for themselves. 3FM goes along with the Red Cross to do everything they can to help as many of these young people.
     Station 3FM manager Wilbert Mutsaers


What is the Red Cross?

The Red Cross helps by supporting the personal development of these children and young people. They learn skills they need in school, in further education or to apply for employment.

English, Arabic, mathematics and ICT lessons are just examples. There are specific trainings, also used to improve young people make the transition to the labour market, get work experience and earn their own money.

Examples include sewing training, training as a hairdresser or electrician, or basic training which teaches how to start a (repair) shop.


Where is the money used for?

In crisis areas, the Red Cross provides initial emergency aid, medical care and shelter. But the Red Cross also offers young people the widest possible perspective of a better future. For that reason, we raise cash with 3FM Serious Request 2015.

The Red Cross empowers young people by providing opportunities such as education, vocational training and a base that can be provided livelihood. This allows young people to develop and contribute to the future of their environment.


3FM and the Red Cross

For the twelfth time 3FM and the Red Cross teamed for a silent disaster. In the week before Christmas, three 3FM DJ’s are locked in a Glass House, this year in the city of Heerlen, Netherlands. They are not allowed to eat and must be available 24 hours per day followed live via radio, online and TV.


 The Science Circle and their Students raise money in Second Life and by the web (English)

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