“The Fantastic Life in the Oceans”

By guest speaker Linda Morris Kelley, Delia Lake in SL



Sunday, November 5th at 7 AM PST / 15:00 GMT/ 24:00 Japan



Presenter: Linda Morris Kelley, Delia Lake in SL, is a Principal in Transitioning to Green.
She is also Chief Learning Officer of Walking Your Talk.


While 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, we spend most of our time on the land 28%. Undersea, though, we can find many wondrous ecosystems. At the Abyss Observatory we have created three distinct simulated ocean habitats: tropical, temperate, and sub-arctic. Each has unique features and beauties.

Please join us on November 5th (Sun) at 7 am PST at Abyss Observatory to explore coral reefs, kelp forests, and more.

Note: Presenter will use voice chat and text chat.


Join us Live Sunday 5th at 7 AM PST


Can’t make it?
View Linda’s YouTube afterwards




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