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Luna: The Earth’s Moon

01/10/2022 @ 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT


International Observe the Moon Night

Sponsored by NASA

International Observe the Moon Night is an invitation to everyone on Earth to learn about the Earth’s moon, the role it has and continues to play in our culture, and our continuing fascination and exploration of it. Plus, we get an opportunity to participate together in a personal and social observation of it worldwide!


Luna: The Earth’s Moon

The moon has influenced, and continues to influence, the Earth and everything and everyone on it.  The lunar mass and lunar orbit have moderated Earth’s seasons and produce daily tides that affect sea-life and human-life.  The phases of the moon provide varying degrees of nocturnal illumination affecting flora and fauna, as well as inspiring literature and romance among human beings.  Solar and lunar eclipses have both frightened and exhilarated many.  I will discuss the various celestial motions responsible for these phenomena and the moon’s role in the future of humanity.  

Dr. William Wall











The following activities are part of The Science Circle’s contribution to International Observe the Moon Night on Saturday, October 1:

All day. See educational displays in the center of SC Island.

10 am SLT. “Howling at the Moon” presentation (amphitheater).

11 am SLT. “Live from the Moon!” livestream event (amphitheater)

8 pm SLT. “International Space Museum” guided tour

9 pm SLT. “Luna: The Earth’s Moon” presentation (amphitheater)



EXTRASUNDAY, OCTOBER 2nd 9 am SLT. The Sky Around Us: A Planetarium Show

See overview



LOOK UP! Be curious again! Come together, worldwide, for one night. Join us!



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9:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT




Jes Stannard

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