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The Sky Around Us: A Planetarium Show

02/10/2022 @ 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT


International Observe the Moon Night

Sponsored by NASA

International Observe the Moon Night is an invitation to everyone on Earth to learn about the Earth’s moon, the role it has and continues to play in our culture, and our continuing fascination and exploration of it. Plus, we get an opportunity to participate together in a personal and social observation of it worldwide!


The Sky Around Us: A Planetarium Show

We have focused on the Earth’s moon this week. Our nearest neighbor dominates the sky at night when it is visible where we live, just as the sun, our nearest star, does during the day. Both are objects of wonder and subjects of much science, stories, legends, music, and poetry. While Earth’s moon is special to us, it is only one of 210 known moons in the solar system. While Earth’s star makes life possible on our planet, it is only one of roughly 5000 stars we can see from Earth.  

What else is out there in the sky around us that we can see when the sun and moon are not visible where we are? Let’s explore the myriad of objects that form the community that make up our solar system and our local region of the Milky Way. What science have we learned about them? How has looking up at the stark contrast of these bright, untouchable objects standing out like immutable beacons against the blackness of space inspired humans over the ages to create stories, legends, legends, music, and poetry about them?

During this show, together we will—

—Look and learn about the most prominent constellations, the brightest stars, the planets visible at that time, and other objects we can see in the sky then.

—Examine the DART mission to the moonlet of an asteroid passing by the Earth and its significance

—Learn about missions to other moons in the solar system and the potential for significant discoveries there  


NOTE: This show is in Prospero’s Planetarium, inside the big mountain on the north side of Science Circle island – use the red teleporter near the big sign to enter.


Presentation by Dr. Phil Youngblood


Dr. Phil Youngblood
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The following activities are part of The Science Circle’s contribution to International Observe the Moon Night on Saturday, October 1:

All day. See educational displays in the center of SC Island.

10 am SLT. “Howling at the Moon” presentation (amphitheater).

11 am SLT. “Live from the Moon!” livestream event (amphitheater)

8 pm SLT. “International Space Museum” guided tour

9 pm SLT. “Luna: The Earth’s Moon” presentation (amphitheater)



EXTRASUNDAY, OCTOBER 2nd 9 am SLT. The Sky Around Us: A Planetarium Show

See overview


LOOK UP! Be curious again! Come together, worldwide, for one night. Join us!



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9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT


Prospero’s Planetarium


Chantal Jager

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