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Mars & Opportunity rover

08/06/2019 @ 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM PDT


“Mars and Opportunity rover”

Tour guide: Hajime Nishimura (JAMSTEC)/ Yan Lauria (Abyss Observatory and Education Portal)

Date/ Time: 8th June (Sat), 2019 at 7 am PDT/  14:00 GMT/ 23:00 Japan


Location: Start from Mars field of Explorer Island 

TP to Mars Victoria Crater

Bonus: Astreroid Ryugu and Hayabusa2, International Spaceflight Museum

(You need to select TP destination at the arrival point of International Spaceflight Museum)



On February 2019, NASA announced the end of 15 years Mars exploration by the Opportunity rover at last.

At first, NASA thought Opportunity’s life is only 3 months due to dust on the solar panels, but it is found Mars Dust Devils blow away the dust on the solar panel.

It is known Mars wind can be more than 120 km/h, so Sci-Fi novels and movies describe astronauts are blown even in recent movie “The Martian” (2015).

But there is a trick that Mars air density is only 0.75% of the Earth. Its thin air annoyed Mars landing.

At Explorer Island, you can ride on Opportunity, Landing air bags and even Dust Devil, and you can feel empathy with Opportunity when he/she entered in the Victoria crater.

As a bonus, I’ll introduce a new exhibit of the spacecraft “Hayabusa2” and sample return mission from asteroid “Ryugu” using markup language Markdown.



I’ll use voice in English.

The Mars sky is rather red at noon and rather blue at sunset/ sunrise.

Please change your environment setting by yourself.



Hajime Nishimura / Yan Lauria


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7:00 AM - 8:00 AM PDT


Explorer Island


Jes Stannard

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