“Virtual Worlds as an Educational Tool” By Gregory Perrier

How do instructors in higher education use virtual worlds to promote learning and make their class more exciting and fun? Many educators initially think of lecturing in a virtual world, but there are many other ways to engage students in learning. This presentation will cover 15 different ways that instructors incorporate virtual worlds into their […]

The Cold Case of SN 1054 by Giuseppe Longo


The Cold Case of SN 1054 One of the most thrilling events on the sky would be Supernova (SN) event. Here, we investigate possible causes for missing historical records of SN1054 in Europe. We reconstruct the European sky at the time of the event and found that the new “star” (SN1054) and planet Venus are […]

“Quantification of Fossil Data”


“Quantification of Fossil Data” and an update on the fossil identification app ABSTRACT: It has been over 75 years, since Charles Butts published his famous and classic monograph on the fossils of the Appalachian mountains in 1941. Recently, I have been in the process of updating the taxonomy of his work and I am in […]

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