Dr. Stephen L. Gasior, Biology


Currently scientist at Corteva Agrisciences. Education and research is Molecular Biology. Former educator at college level.

I received my Ph.D. in molecular genetics and cell biology in 1999 from the University of Chicago.
My research concerned how breaks in DNA are repaired in yeast meiosis.
My postdoctoral research at the U of Chicago and Tulane Cancer Center both investigated DNA repair mechanisms in B cell development and then mobile element retrotransposition.

I then transitioned to the education area teaching biology at U of New Orleans then Ball State University. In those positions I developed educational activities in Second Life and OpenSimulator.

I started working in the genome editing technology development group at Dupont agrisciences division in 2016. But, after a couple years transitioned to technology development in recombinant vector construction (now spun off as Corteva Agrisciences).


Previous presentations
Film Collection

Podcast Episode 002: Host/Producer: Steven R. Van Hook – Guest: Stephen Gasior / Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology


Stephen’s “Population Genetics” Exhibit in SL


PDF’s Former Lectures

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